In Other Words…

As the new year starts I decided to give the blogoshpere a visit. Since graduating from college my interest in photography has continued to increase, while my ability to share my photographs and receive feedback has decreased. I want to continue to learn and share what I have learned in photography and starting a blog seemed to be the way to do that. There were several photoblogs I already followed and wanted to throw my hat in the ring. Starting a photoblog is a way for me to put my life in another way, words and pictures.

I’ve also started two other blogs at Aminus3 and blogspot. I’m just looking for a way to share my photos and wanted to try a few different sites to see what I like.

2 responses to “In Other Words…

  1. Looks like we have the same idea, this shot is so interesting.
    How do you like this template. ?
    I am starting a blog for the same reason it looks like you have started one.
    Good luck

  2. Thanks. I like this and aminus3 a lot. WordPress is much more customizable, but I like the duotone theme so much I don’t think their is much for me to customize.

    I started losing some interest in photography, so sharing some of my pictures and being able to look at everyone else’s has helped to inspire me. It’s important to continue to look at your life in new ways.

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