Snow Days

Snow falling at the Dachau concentration camp.
This snow storm has been much less exciting for me than ones in years past. It’s usually so nice not to have to go anywhere, and just stay inside where it’s warm. That’s what I do normally, so nothing new.

The snow keeps coming down out there and it reminds me of the trip that my brother and I took to the Dachau concentration camp in Germany. That day was bitterly cold and it kept snowing on and off. Alternating between grey snow clouds and a bright blue sky. It made me realize just a small fraction of the suffering that happened in that place, as men and women wore a simple layer of cotton against a bitter wind. The juxtaposition of the bright sun over such an awful place made me wonder how people can allow such things to happen.

This was a very chilling picture for me and captures a bit of the panic, confusion, and suffering of those sent to Dachau. I took the picture out a window of the processing area for the prisoners, looking at a watch tower and barbed wire fences as the snow was falling.


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