Not what I wanted for Christmas…

The way the Bengals played tonight in the first game of the post season was not what I would’ve asked for Christmas. It was not a good way to start the New Year, but we’ll leave it at that.

Speaking of Christmas, I got a new camera as one of my presents and went ahead taking pictures right out of the box.

I took this picture of an ornament on a “Charlie Brown” tree in front of my sister’s Christmas tree. I like how it turned out as a bit of a self-portrait. With this picture, I did some additional editing and made another version where I bumped up the contrast and the saturation a little bit. I think it “popped” a bit more, but I liked the more true-to-reality photo a bit better. (You can see the other photo at blogspot.)

I have a few more photos that I’m working on from my trip to Denver that are a bit more abstract. I might put those up tomorrow. I also have some new pictures from braving the cold yesterday. I took some photos of the snow and my dog playing it, that I think turned out pretty nice.


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