Mile High Expectations: Denver

A 'mast' just outside of Denver

Before my recent trip, I had never been to Denver, or even Colorado for that matter. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting, but Denver surprised me. It was extremely flat with the Rocky Mountains in the distance. The city itself was rather small, but very open with a modern feel. I enjoyed walking around the city and the food there was outstanding, but it didn’t quite live up to the standards I had set for the Mile High City. I think Boulder was more what I was expecting for Denver: the city right at the foot of the mountains.

One of the days we went walking around Denver we went to a park just outside of the city. There was this bridge there that had a large mast on the top of it. It seemed rather bizarre but had an interesting look to it. To me it almost looked like a lighthouse with rays of light shining from its top.

One response to “Mile High Expectations: Denver

  1. Great abstract shot. Nice use of black/white.

    I would agree that I found Denver surprisingly flat during my first visit.

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