Fantastic Plastic

I have a busy week this week so I’m posting up some photos from last year.

In the book for my photography book at college there was black and white, grainy photo of a tree and house silhouette. It seemed to be straight out of a horror film and I loved it. I found out it was taken with a Holga and medium format film. A Holga is a cheap, plastic, toy camera. They can be bought for about $20. Not soon after, I bought myself a Holga (the first camera I bought for photography).

I love the way the film is “ruined” (made better) by the light leaks and plastic lens. It adds a mood to photos that you can’t quite capture with today’s DSLRs.

So, due to my busy week, I’m devoting my posts this week to some of my favorite photos I took with the fantastic plastic of Holga.

Today’s picture is from Abaco island in the Bahamas. This was the beach right across the street from the house I was staying in.


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