Frozen and Forgotten

Sigh…Well, I tried to keep up with the blog as best I could, but I lost my motivation for a little while. Work and starting to work out to get in shape for possibly a marathon has taken up a lot of time recently, but I haven’t forgotten about my blog. So I have a few posts for today, and I should have a few more for tomorrow.

About week ago now, I went out and took some more photos of all of the snow we had. My original plan was to head out into the woods and take some photos, but the snow was so deep it just started to pour into my boots. Needless to say I stuck to the roads.

This photo is of a bike that got buried in the snow by my house. It had been abandoned at the bottom of a hill after the first snow storm, and the second storm buried it. It was a funny site to me. It made me think that like a lot of things, the bike is just waiting for the Spring and for the snow to melt. My dad said that he hoped there wasn’t a kid on the bike buried under all that snow as well (some of the snow has melted since then and luckily there was no kid).


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