Snow, Shadows, and Nosferatu

On my Winter walk I realized that often people (referring mostly to myself) focus on things in the snow or what the snow is covering when taking photographs. But what I noticed as beautiful that day were the designs the shadows from the trees drew on the parchment of the snow.

I enjoy the simplicity of this photo, and the shadows seeming to reach across the snow. It reminded me from one of my favorite scenes from any horror movie. In Nosferatu there is a scene where you see Nosferatu’s shadow creeping along the wall. As it reaches the corner of the wall, the shadow seems to reach around the corner and grow longer. It’s an image that has always stuck with me.


One response to “Snow, Shadows, and Nosferatu

  1. It IS a lovely picture. A reflective one rather, there’s something to be said of black and white, shadows as subjects.

    Nice photoblog here, I recently started mine and it’s been great so far.

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