Stories: All shapes and sizes…

I stumbled upon Google’s search stories today. A couple of the ones that Google made were really good. Basically, the idea of a search story is you tell a story by using the results of three to five Google searches. The words being searched and the results are the plot points that move the story. In essence, you are telling a story in three to five words or phrases. It reminded me a bit of twitfic (trying to write a story in 140 characters on Twitter) and an art project at the school I teach at called Six Words (a story is written using only six words).

A few of them were really creative and I also made one. Unfortunately I’m having some trouble uploading mine, so hopefully I’ll have it up for tomorrow.

This one is based off of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. I read this not too long ago and really didn’t like it. However, as I’ve distanced myself from it some it’s beginning to grow on me.

I’d also suggest the “Parisian Love” search story.

If anyone is inspired to create a search story I’d love to see it.

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