Happy Earth Day!

I hope today is a great day and a reminder that we only have one Earth, so take care of it.

This day isn’t about politics, but about caring for what God gave us. Too often I hear Republicans and conservatives complaining about the liberal propaganda of Earth Day, or liberals complaining about uncaring big businesses. But what’s so bad about trying to protect the world we live in? And big businesses is where a change in perspective on the environment will start, as businesses realize they can reduce costs by finding more energy efficient means. Not all businesses are bad and not everyone who is buying a hybrid car is a “tree-hugging” liberal.

So go out and support the businesses that are making the right moves. Such as Sun Chips, who power factories with solar energy and package chips in compost-able bags. Go out and look around and see just how amazing the world we live in is. Don’t just think about the world you want to leave when you are gone, but about the world you want to live in now.


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