It’s a Big World

It’s a big world out there and sometimes it seems that there is too much out there. So many unknowns, choices, and even pressures. All of that can seem like it is pressing down on us. There is so much out there that it can paralyze us from making any decision for fear of making the wrong one. Or…

You can look at the world like this puppy. The world is just one big adventure. There are so many things to see, do, and learn. The only wrong choice is to choose to do nothing. As this weekend approaches make a decision to try something new.

Of course this puppy could also just be looking for the ball she dropped down the stairs…but I like to think she’s contemplating life.


One response to “It’s a Big World

  1. I think he is contemplating those spindles; how he can get through them rather than wasting time running down the stairs.
    Cute shot…What new thing am I going to try to do this weekend? Perhaps find a way to get through my spindles πŸ˜‰

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