On the Shoulders of Giants

There was just something amazing about sitting on your dad’s or anyone’s shoulders when you were little.

You’d be lifted up, and up, and up. Finally, when you could just about reach the sky, you’d be set down on those shoulders. Those shoulders that felt as solid as a rock. Each step you would feel like you were going to fall but you knew you wouldn’t. Even more than that, you would feel like you couldn’t fall.

It was amazing up there. You could finally see over everyone around you. People had to look up to you for once.

Looking back on that experience now, I think there was something more than being way up in the air that really made that a memorable experience. It was a change of perspective. For at least a little while you got to see the world in a whole new way. How often do we get that experience anymore?

Alright, it was also pretty exciting to be the tallest person around for a little bit.

Here a young girl is enjoying this experience while watching .38 Special perform.


One response to “On the Shoulders of Giants

  1. I remember being the shoulders on which my girlfriend, now my wife of sixteen years, sat to watch the amazing Canadian band, The Tragically Hip. This photo brought back the memories (of sore shoulders and amazing youth). Thank you.

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