The grand finale is always exciting, especially at the WEBN fireworks. What I don’t like though, is the silence that follows. The darkness that seems even deeper after it all ends.

Grand finales have so much going on: colors, explosions, cheering. But when it’s all over you are left with silence and darkness.

When I was thinking about this it makes me think of my girlfriend. I’m sure that she loves grand finales. I always give her grief for how she eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She starts with the crust and always tries to finish with, what she calls, the perfect bite. She always seems to save the best part for last, just like a grand finale.

I always try to spread those good bites throughout the sandwich, but when it comes to fireworks I do like the grand finale. Maybe I should start to try and save that best part for last…

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