Sea Oats

Life often makes us feel as if we are being blown about, here and there. No control. No direction except the way the winds of fate blow us along.

We hold our ground as people blow in and out of our life. What difference can we make when we are buffeted on all sides by what life throws at us and people pass by our lives like a kite broken off its string?

Hold strong. When you think you aren’t making a difference and feel that life is going to blow you away, think of the sea oat.

Sea oats are vital to the life of the coastal ecosystem. Each small oat, holding on all by itself, makes a difference. A single sea oat helps to hold a little bit of sand in place. Which helps the sea oats next to it take root and hold on to more sand. So although the oats are blown next to different oats constantly and they never know which way the wind is going to come at them next, they can be sure that their small effort is being multiplied. A single sea oat depends on the strength of those around it, just as all of the others depend on its strength.

So when you feel like you are going to be blown away by life, depend on the people around you. They depend on you. A little effort by everyone can stand strong against the wind.

2 responses to “Sea Oats

  1. Hi KR
    I think I like the prose even better than the great picture! You should be writing books! Seriously! Love ya MOM 🙂

  2. :O
    I have only come across your blog a couple minutes ago and I am already blown away. The colours in this are AMAZING and the subject reminds me of a place my grandparents and I used to visit often when i was younger

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