Looking to the Light

There’s a lot that can get you down in life.

All kinds of things can go wrong. Recently Murphy’s Law has been a step ahead of me in just about all that I’ve been doing. If something could go wrong it has, if I’ve needed to talk to someone at work they’ve been on vacation.

Sometimes when it rains it pours. And it’s tough to always look for the silver lining of the clouds and dance in the rain.

Fortunately, the sun will eventually come back out. The cold of winter will thaw and the spring will feel all the warmer. The light will shine through the darkness and seem the brighter.

You can’t always find the bright side of the shadows and silhouettes standing in your way. But you can always look to the light and appreciate the good things in life. The sun will rise on a brand new day and dispel the darkness.

So while so many obstacles seem to be standing in my way, there is so much light in my life to be thankful for. Going out to dinner with a special someone and dressing up just to feel fancy for a night. Beating someone in bowling and knowing that the score doesn’t matter as much as the time together. Curling up with a good book or even just sitting and listening to music.

So while there is a lot that can get you down in life, it’s just there to make the good things that much better.

Look to the light.


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