Hard as Rock

I never thought a bunch of rocks could have aesthetic value.

Las Vegas’ Red Rock Canyon is an amazing place, but impossibly hard to photograph.

No picture I took gave any type of idea of the beauty of this location. The fact that it was so sunny out didn’t help either. So much sun really washed the colors out of my photos. I decided to try and take something a little more abstract and try to capture the idea of Red Rock Canyon.

I focused on the texture of the rocks and cropped the photo so all that’s left is the designs in the rock face. I developed this in black and white as well as color and couldn’t make up my mind on which one I liked better. After getting some feedback, I thought the color brought out the textures and patterns more. I also zoomed in to try and flatten an image to make it more painting like.

One response to “Hard as Rock

  1. Oddly enough, I like the fact that it’s hard to find perspective in this picture. I can’t tell if this is a rock wall a few feet away or a canyon face several hundred feet away. It’s disorienting.

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