I tried to capture the heat and dryness of Vegas in this photo. What I was going for was that stereotypical image of the desert; the sun blazing down, desolation all around except for maybe a single cactus.

I didn’t quite get that image here. But what I like about this photo is the depth. To me, having some of the landscape in the foreground with a rolling hill going back to the mountains takes you into the photo. I also like that it is sky heavy. There’s something about the desert, how wide open it is, that really makes the sky open up. It’s almost dizzying being someplace so open when your used to the closer confines of the city.

I decided to use black and white because the sun washed out the colors, but I think I would have liked it in color more.

One response to “Desolation

  1. I dunno. I actually like the fact that you were aiming for desolation, but that’s not necessarily what you see. I think the typical desert wilderness people picture is that kind of roadrunner cartoon scene with tumbleweeds, cracked earth, and one lone cactus. I think it says more that this desert is covered with life as far as the eye can see–more so than most urban environments. There’s a lot going on in this ‘barren wasteland,’ and I think that says a lot. It speaks to shattering stereotypes and broadening expectations.

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