What’s the Story?

People have amazing stories.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel all around the world and have met people from all walks of life. Actually, I take that back. I’ve traveled to an extremely small percentage of the world and met only the tiniest of fractions of people. But I think the fact that I have met so many different people throughout my life so far is a testament to the seemingly infinite variety of people that are out there.

If you’ve looked through a few of my photos you might have realized that a subject I do not often photograph is people.

I often feel that I’m intruding into their life. And I am. The cultures that believe a photograph captures a piece of the soul are right. A photograph is a slice of a single moment in time in a person’s life.

Everyone that looks at it puts a little bit of themselves into the photo as they try to figure out who this person is. What their story is. We invent stories for the people we see, create lives for them; even if we have never met them. But beyond whatever story we create, everyone has a unique story that we never get to fully know. All we get is a quick glimpse.

That’s what my attraction has been to photographs of people, but I’ve always struggled with taking them myself. How do you feel about photos of people? What do you think this person’s story is?

One response to “What’s the Story?

  1. I struggle with taking people photos also. Well, I don’t really struggle because I don’t really try. I like and have seen many interesting photos where the subject is primarily a person. I think they are interesting and, as you mentioned, you tend to wonder about the person. I guess that’s what makes a good portrait.

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