Self-centric vs. Village-centric

The other night I was at a great event. Concerts all evening, cool tech exhibits, and fireworks to finish the night. And, it’s all free. It’s a wonderful family-fun, summer event. Unfortunately, I was sitting behind some people that couldn’t grasp the concept of fun.

They were the kind of people I call weeds and my sister calls “life-suckers” because, as you can guess, they suck the life out of everything.

This family was trying their absolute hardest to have a bad time. I mean you’d have to at a free event with concerts and fireworks. In a crowd of upwards of 75,000 people, where everyone has set up their lawn chairs in rows for the fireworks, they were trying to stop people from walking in front of them.

Despite the large gap between this family’s chairs and the chairs ahead of them anyone that tried to pass by them, even if they said, “Excuse me,” or “Sorry” the family would stretch out their legs, spread out, do anything to make it harder for people to get past them, and then tell those people how rude they are being.

It reminded me of the saying, “It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.” And this family was using muscles I didn’t even know existed to frown.

I was sad to see that people could be so self-centered and for no real good reason. If they would have been even a little more, what I call, village-centered (helping others) it would have been much easier for them and the people around them. Instead they chose to make it more difficult for everyone.

Now it is important to be self-centered every now and then, if you don’t keep yourself in good shape what use will you be to anyone else. However, if everyone puts a little effort into helping others, it ends up helping everyone including yourself.

So don’t be a life-sucker. And I know this has nothing to do with the photo, but I needed to say it.

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