Things are not always what they seem.

We don’t always see the whole picture, just a piece of the puzzle, and we try to figure out what it’s going to look like in the end. Hippos are such interesting animals, they’re a paradox. You may see the nose and eyes sticking out of the water and think crocodile. But then you see those little, disarming ears.

If you see them floating around underwater they’d look graceful if they didn’t look so comical. They remind me of the big balloons in a parade. I half expect to see little men with strings directing them from the lake bed as they glide around.

And I always think of Fantasia when I think of hippos, where they were all dancing around in tutus. So you have this giant (I would say fat but I don’t want to upset it) animal with these strange, small ears. It floats around in the water pretending to be graceful. All in all it seems like a ridiculous animal, even cute in its own way. But I mean even the name hippopotamus is pretty ridiculous.

So here is this animal that you want to hug, if you can stop laughing for a minute, and it is one of the meanest, orneriest (that’s right I said orneriest), and dangerous animals in Africa.

We all make assumptions based on the pieces we see, and they’re not always right. Sometimes, even when we see the whole picture, it can turn out to be the exact opposite.

2 responses to “Paradox

  1. I, too, think of Fantasia–hippos light on their feet. I’ve also seen a PBS special where the camera was under water while they were swimming and . . . they are light on their feet. Love the photo composition.

    • Thanks. A bit of advice I got from my photography professor in college was to get close. It’s definitely helped me get a different perspective at times.

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