A Comfy Cage

I always like going to the zoo, but I’m torn.

The animals are in these cages, not free to do what they want, but they have everything they need. And as you can see from this lovely leopard, they can be quite comfortable in their cages.

Sometimes we get too comfortable in the cages we build for ourselves. We feel like we have everything we need and stop testing our boundaries.

Comfortable can be good, but it can keep us from new things. So be a little uncomfortable today.

2 responses to “A Comfy Cage

  1. I totally relate… I feel that same way every time I go to the zoo also… if the cages are big enough, then I guess that’s ok but the animals still aren’t free. And that makes me sad! 🙂 Great photo, by the way!

    • Thanks!

      Unfortunately being set free doesn’t always mean things will end well. There was a very sad situation in Zanesville, Oh where almost 50 animals were killed after their owner set them free.

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