So I took a quick trip to the moon recently.

That’s what it felt like at least. I was actually in a cave on Put-In-Bay and this is the ceiling. You go down a staircase and enter another world; a world that could be as far away as the moon for how different it is.

Nothing is too different about this place, just a bunch of rocks worn away by water and the slow ebb of time. But when you enter this world only a few feet below the surface, everything seems foreign. It’s amazing that a whole world can be so close, literally right under your feet, and completely unknown. Whole new experiences can be just a step away.

And to tell the truth about this photo, I don’t really like it. The only thing I like is how it embodies the otherness of the cave.

The original photo is below, I just flipped it upside down for the post.

2 responses to “Moonscape

  1. This reminds me of my 7th grade general science textbook…which isn’t a bad thing, since I think that’s the last year I actually enjoyed science. PS – the bear’s a bawse.

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