My Top Five 2011 Posts

So I’m still running a little behind, but I should have some time to catch up over the next few weeks.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite posts from 2011. I tried to pick posts where I used photos that I actually took in 2011. The photos I chose also have a wide range of locations and while some were taken when I purposefully went out to photograph, others are shots I saw and had to go run and get my camera to capture it. (As a side note, that phrasing always sounds a little strange to me, like I’m going out to capture a pokemon or somehting.)

Step, Step I was actually asked to take some photos of a 5k for the Freestore Foodbank when the official photographer didn’t show up. Luckily he did show up later so they didn’t need to use any of my photos. But I liked this one. I got low to the ground and shot with a large aperture to catch just that spot where the shoe was hitting the ground in focus.

Full Bloom I took this photo one summer weekend. I thought I’d go out in my yard and see if I could find anything to photograph with my holga. I took a few photos, but haven’t gotten them developed yet. Anyways, I brought my DSLR along as well and used a zoom-macro lens for this shot. Someone liked it so much they actually asked to have it printed to put up in their house. Granted it was my mom, but it still makes you feel good.

Dog Days are Over None of the photos in this triptych seemed all that great to me. But what I like about it is the subject of the images. To me, watching this dog having so much fun always makes me smile. I took these on a weekend trip to Put in Bay.

On Top of the World This is the kind of photo I like taking, one where I’ve traveled somewhere exotic. In this case it was Guatemala and I went on a rock climbing trip. The contrast of the dark silhouette against the bright clouds made this photo stick out for me. It also brings back all those memories of being up on the side of that mountain. I think that’s why I like taking photos when I travel, the feelings and memories they bring back when I look at them.

Life Finds a Way This is one of my all time favorite photos and should always be an example to me that you don’t need to look far for a photo. I saw this shot when I was pouring out my morning (I use that loosely for the weekend) cereal. There was soft light coming in the window and the one different piece of cereal forced me to go and grab my camera.

Thanks to all of you who followed my blog over the past year and I look forward to a new year of photography.

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