The Better Than Breakfast Club


What a spread!

Brunch is probably my favorite meal (likely followed closely by breakfast for dinner). How can you go wrong with pancakes, eggs, and toast? Or even a nice quiche (appetizing food fit neatly into interesting round pie). It’s a feast fit for a king, and you can still wear your pajamas. What’s better than a delicious meal that you not only don’t have to dress up for, but that lets you sleep in.

Brunch was designed for the late, slow-moving person. It looked at the other meals and said, “I don’t care when I’m eaten, even if I am ‘morning’ food.” You never hear someone being called late for brunch.

Really, brunch is the slacker, punk kid of the meals. When it gets a detention for being late it says, “So?” Do you want another? “Yes.” Are you through? “Not even close.”

So cool.

Brunch looks at those other meals, stuck in their little time slots, laughs at them and asks, “You guys give up yet? Or are you thirsty for more?”

Partied too hard the night before? Sleep in, wake up, and start again with a nice brunch. What do you want to drink? “Oh you know, beer, scotch, juice box…whatever.” It’s not like you’re drinking with breakfast or something.

What do you think about brunch?


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