(For some reason the embedded video doesn’t seem to be working, so the video can be viewed here.)

So, to jump right back into blogging I decided to post a collection of photos and video I shot on my hike up Diamond Head in Hawaii.

Diamond Head is a dormant volcano on the island of Ohau. The hike to the top of the crater offers great views of downtown Waikiki, local neighborhoods, and the Pacific Ocean. This was my first time to Hawaii and I was blown away by how beautiful it was. Of course when I came back all that people wanted to tell me (who’ve been to Hawaii before) was how much more beautiful Maui is.

What shocked me the most on my trip were the extremes of terrain and weather on the island. You can drive from the sunny, warm beaches of Waikiki and go up the mountains in the center of the island to dense, cold fog. Then you can head right down the other side to pineapple fields and the beaches of the North Shore.

It was a great trip and I look forward to posting up some more photos from it.

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