Strawber….Pineapple Fields Forever

Pineapple Field

I hate to admit it, but before Hawaii I had no idea how pineapples grew.

Did they grow off of trees like apples? Or like pine cones? I mean, they look a bit like pine cones, so that’s where that part of the name came from. The apple part must have come from how they grew, right? Because pineapples sure don’t look like apples and, “hey, they don’t taste like apples.”

So, on my trip to Oahu I made sure to stop by the Dole Plantation and I learned everything there is to know about pineapples…Or at least I learned how delicious a Dole Whip float is. (The answer is, very delicious.)

I came across this scene on the road to the North Shore and pulled off to the side to get the photo.

I imagine the contraption is some type of pineapple harvesting device. I liked the photo because it did a good job of showing the extreme landscape changes on the island. Flat pineapple fields to high mountains. Then, just out of frame, going down the road, is a steep hill to a beach.

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