A Wee Bit of Ireland

Waiting to Cast Off

Happy St. Patrick’s Day a little early.

In honor of the holiday I thought I’d throw up an old picture from my trip to Ireland.

To me, this is how I imagined most of Ireland to look, almost like something out of Tolkien’s Shire. Lush greens and a sense of fantasy or adventure in the air.

I wasn’t disappointed. Travelling to Ireland was one of my best trips and I’d love to go back and see more.

An interesting fact about this photo is that it is one of only two photos of mine that’s been published. It was used as the cover art for my college’s nonfiction journal.

This photo was taken in Killarney, Ireland, which I just realized is the same place my other published photo was taken. Just to the left, out of frame is Ross Castle. Check out this post to see my other published photo, which is of Ross Castle.

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