Take it from the top…

Behold the rare sight of a sunny Seattle. Not a rain cloud in sight.

If I said it was a serene and peaceful place atop the Space Needle, I’d be lying. On the other hand, I think I’d be much closer to the truth if I called it a hub of activity in Seattle and a reflection of the city that you looked out on.

The Space Needle is a sleek, modern building that reaches up to the blue sky. A human take on the natural peak of Mt. Rainier, seen in the distance. The wind whips around you on the observation platform bringing up the smells of Puget Sound and all the local parks.

All kinds of people bustle around pointing out favorite sights and local hangouts to their visitors. Tourists talk about plans to visit Bainbridge Island across the Sound and try to figure out what the strange shaped building was they passed on the elevator ride up. (By the way, it’s the Experience Music Project and some museums.)

Despite the crowd, people kindly wait to pass as others try and get that perfect snapshot to send home with the caption, “Us on top of the Space Needle.” A few folks hug the central wall as if they are Indiana Jones afraid to take the leap of faith from the lion’s mouth; one false step and they might plunge off the tip of the Needle.

It was a beautiful sight at the top and a must-see for any Seattle visitors.

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