Running through the Sprinklers, or Pure Joy

It’s finally starting to warm up here and I’m looking forward to all that entails.

Not having to bundle up like the kid from A Christmas Story whenever I want to go out for a run or take the dog on a walk.

Sleeping with the windows open and hearing the breeze flow through the trees.

I finally finished this video. I rushed it a little, but I like how it turned out. The video shows my trip to the Seattle Space Needle and the nearby International Fountain.

My favorite photos I had from this are those of the kids running through the fountain. They are having pure, unadulterated fun. The simple pleasure of cool water on a warm day.

It reminded me of when I’d run through the sprinklers, set up the slip-n-slide, or have squirt gun fights with my friends.

What’s your favorite memory of childhood, summer fun?

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