Gran Pirámide

Grand Pyramid_Desaturate_BlogLa Gran Pirámide, or The Great Pyramid.

It lives up to its name and is the largest building in Xochicalco.

Looking up at this massive structure you can start to feel the divide in this city.

The Great Pyramid and Temple of Quetzalcóatl were built on the highest part of the strategic hill that housed Xochicalco. The central location ensured a place of prominence for these important structures and provided additional protection.

This high point was also the site of the Acropolis, the suspected residence of the rulers of Xochicalco.

The city was physically built to separate the classes. It was almost as if the rulers constructed their residence to provide protection from external threats as well as internal threats. But the militaristic culture and severe class separation may have set the city up for collapse.

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