Catedral Puebla

Finished_Filtered_BlogCatedral Puebla, the Puebla Cathedral, sits as an impressive figure in a city rich in history. Inside the cathedral, it is just as beautiful with an intricate and impressive major altar.

Puebla is a city founded by the Spaniards in the 1500s and feels very much like a Spanish city as you walk the streets.

The cathedral borders the beautiful  zócalo, main square, of Puebla, which is interspersed with trees, plenty of shade, and a large fountain. The square is surrounded by shops and restaurants that are great for people-watching and enjoying a cool michelada or horchata. (Michelada=Corona, lime juice, salt, chamoy powder, and sometimes hot sauce; horchata=a milky type of rice drink with vanilla and cinnamon)

This city also holds special meaning for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. On 5 May 1862 the French army brought overwhelming forces against the Mexican armies stationed in Puebla. Puebla sat in the middle of France’s path to Mexico city. Despite the odds, Mexico forced the French forces back and Cinco de Mayo celebrates that decisive victory.

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