La Malinche

Hiking the Ridge_blogWhile in Mexico, I had the opportunity to hike the volcano La Malinche. It reaches towards the sky to over 4,400 meters and is also known as Matlalcueitl.

This was by far the highest point I’ve ever hiked to and was an amazing adventure.

Yes, I got altitude sickness. Yes, I wanted to stop. Yes, I felt absolutely awful on the hike down. And yes, I know that doesn’t sound like fun at all.

But, it was an incredible experience, had breathtaking views, and was a great accomplishment.

It is nearly impossible to truly capture the entire grandeur and sheer magnitude of the volcano. This photo was taken just past the tree line and shows a silhouette of a hiker starting along the ridge before the summit. I was at least an hour below that hiker and maybe another 45 minutes from the summit.

Despite all the hardships, I’m ready for my next big hike. And perhaps even a bigger adventure than the hike was trying to get back to Puebla after I finished. But that’s a story for another post.

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