Above the Tree Line and to the Peak

The path quickly changed from a winding, gradual path to one that had you leaning into it to avoid the feeling that you’d fall backward and roll all the way to the start. The dirt shifted to sand and the trees started to become more sparse.

To come up out of the tree line and see the summit was incredible. While it was a little disheartening to see how much farther I had to go, it finally felt like I was hiking a mountain instead of going up some hills in the woods.

The summit was another complete environment change. No more trees, or even shrubs. Just sharp rocks all around. At times I had to scramble on all fours to get across them. And the last bit before the absolute peak was a small ridge line no more than three feet wide.

The accomplishment of reaching the peak felt great (even if I didn’t feel so great physically). I was amazed by how cold it was at the top.

It was a completely different world up there.

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