Patience In the Fog

The Fog_Desaturated_Cropped_BlogThis photo was a long time in the making (or waiting).

I hope you bear with me as I take a brief departure from my photos of Mexico and Vegas. For my 150th post I thought this photo was appropriate for a couple of reasons.

1) I actually took this photo the week I’m posting it. (That might actually be a first.)

2) I’ve been waiting for this photo for almost three years.

I’ve driven past this small copse…stand…group (whatever) of trees just about everyday for three years. Every time I’ve gone past I noticed that it looks particularly photogenic, but either I’m on my way to work or the weather and light never seems just right.

It’s actually a very small group of trees with a building and playground nearby, so I was waiting for a particularly foggy day. With the fog, and at the right angle, I thought I could get it to look like these trees were in the middle of nowhere. Finally, fog and a day off from work lined up.

I think my patience paid off.

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