The Conservatory

Bellagio Bird_BlogIn the Conservatory, at the Bellagio, with the camera.

(Clue anyone?)

I struggled a long time with this photo on whether it should be in black and white or color. Obviously you can tell which one I went with, but I’m still not sure if it’s the best choice.

Digital photography definitely has advantages, but in many ways it can be a handicap. The ability to come back to your computer and make just about any kind of manipulation leaves almost too many choices and options. When you go out to photograph a subject you may not always have an idea of what you want the final product to look like (at least I usually don’t).

This (not knowing what you are trying to create) can have a major effect on the whole process of photography. You don’t necessarily go out with a plan.

Sometimes I want to go back to film (except for the cost and the fact that last time I shot film I ruined four rolls with no usable photos). Or maybe I just need to plan better.

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