Jurassic Park

Wires_Cropped2_Blog“Faster, must go faster!”

The fog, trees, and wires make me think of Jurassic Park and the fences for the dinosaur pens.

Bouncing back to my photos from the foggy day for a post. There was another photo that I wanted to get in addition to the one of the trees, but this was not the shot I was going for. I wanted one of the high-tension wire supports, but couldn’t get it to match what I envisioned.

When I turned around though, this was what I saw. It was amazing how different it looked from the everyday.

If you didn’t get the shot you wanted, try again a different time of day or when the weather changes.

I think that can apply to life too. If things aren’t going your way, a little bit of time can change everything.

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